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Media and information literacy summit:
The Curious Skeptic

The Summit is open to 
county, district, and school administrators, teacher librarians, and K–12 teachers, and everyone interested in information literacy!

The California Department of Education has partnered with the California School Library Association, Encinitas Union School District, KQED, Common Sense Education, San Diego County Office of Education, and the California County Educational Technology Consortium to put on the first all-day Media and Information Literacy Summit!

Participants will get a full day of engaging panels and presenters, discussing what information literacy is, why it’s important, and how the Model School Library Standards can help support you in developing information literate students.

1500 Capitol Ave. Sacramento, CA 95814

$20 – coffee and a box lunch provided.


  • Welcome from Tom Adams, Deputy Superintendent, California Department of Education
  • For the LOVE of Learning – Glen Warren, Encinitas Union School District
  • A Superintendent’s Perspective – Timothy Baird, Encinitas Union School District Superintendent
  • Fake News and Information Literacy – Dr. Monica Bulger, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Panel: Equipping Curious Skeptics – a journalist, K-12 librarian, community college professor, library technician, and social media expert discuss the need for information literacy and how to support educators and students in increasing those skills
  • Panel: All Hands on Deck for Information Literacy – experts in different content areas discuss how they support information literacy in their disciplines
  • Table Talks: California State Library, Statewide Databases; KQED resources; Common Sense Education Resources
  • Curious Skeptics Formulating Questions – Glen Warren, Encinitas Union School District
  • KQED Teach – support for districts after the Summit
  • Information Literacy Toolkit – Jennifer Howerter and Renee Ousley-Swank, California Department of Education
  • What’s Next? Media Literacy in our Nation and the World – Tessa Jolls, Center for Media Literacy
  • Closing remarks

Participants will also receive access to a free online media and information literacy toolkit, developed by the partners in the Summit.


FLYER and registration form (Mail or FAX):  CLICK HERE


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